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About me

I'm Karel Kroon and I live in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam. I’m a guide since 2013, when I came back from the Dordogne, France, where I lived for 13 years, running a small castle with Bed & Breakfast only for bridge players. Bridge is my great passion. Before my French experience I was a marketing director of a direct writing insurance company and I was a real estate agent/expert. I have a good and broad education (4 languages, commercial and real estate degrees), and I have a broad interest in many things. I’m down to earth. I traveled a lot and therefore I know that Holland is a paradise.

About my clients

Most of my clients are 50+ year old people, who want to visit Holland at their own pace. They appreciate the luxury of being picked up from their hotel or ship at a convenient time without worries about anything. They see it as an advantage that I’m in the same phase of life.

But I also got families, young people, groups of travelers and singles. And for all destinations.

 All my clients gave me 5-star rankings at the Viator website. 

About my special interests

I have a broad interest in many things, but my special interests are history, water management and agriculture (that’s where my roots are). And there’s very much to learn about that! 

C.J. Kroon
Burgemeester Pabstlaan 266
2131XX Hoofddorp
Tel. +31 6 36 44 10 25

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