Private Guide Holland
For the best Holland experience

Giethoorn, Enkhuizen & Polders

8 hours, max. 6 passengers


09:00 AM Pick up

10:00 AM Arrival at Enkhuizen

Walk through the old part of Enkhuizen: quiet, peaceful, beautiful. Take a picture of the bridge, when it opens. Look out over the former Zuyderzee. Admire the monumental old houses at the old harbour.

10:45 AM  Depart from Enkhuizen

Via the Houtrib Dike (water on both sides) you drive over the bottom of the sea to The Orchidsfarm for a short stop. Via the former Zuyderzee dike you drive to Giethoorn, via rural roads through a national parc.

00:15 PM Giethoorn, the Venice of the North

Enjoy a one hour boat trip through the canals of this picturesque and unique village. Ask the skipper about the interesting history, about the people that lived here and about the name Giethoorn. Enjoy some free time for lunch or to visit the old village.  

03:30 PM Depart from Giethoorn

05:00 PM Arrival at your hotel


  • 8 hours x € 40            = € 320
  • 280 km x € 0,50         = € 140
  • Come & Go                 = € 40
  • Canal Cruise               = € 7,50 p.p. (2019)

Price for 2 pax:           = €  515

Price for 4 pax:           = €  530

Price for 6 pax:           = €  545