Private Guide Holland
For the best Holland experience

Keukenhof Garden & Flower Auction

6,5 hours, max. 6 passengers, only March-April-Mai

7:30 AM Pick up

Pick up at your hotel/BnB/Ship. Is early, because the flower auction starts and ends early in the morning. It’s ca. 45 minutes by car to the flower auction.

8:15 AM  Flora Holland, 1,5 hour visit

This is the biggest flower auction of the world and everything is big here! Smell the flowers when you walk over the corridor, looking down on millions of flowers. Be amazed by the hundreds of electric vehicles that rave criss cross over the working floor, picking up their load of flowers to bring them to the exporters. Admire the 18 km long “Aalsmeer Shuttle”. Try to keep up with the auction clock, where they daily sell 43 million flowers. This really a “wow” experience.

9:45 AM Depart for Keukenhof Garden

10:15 AM Arrival at Keukenhof Garden Open: from 21 st of March till the 10 th of Mai 2020.

32 hectares and 15 km of foothpaths through the most beautiful garden of the world! Every year more than 7 million flower bulbs are planted in autumn to bloom in spring. There is a variety of 800 different tulips. A unique and unforgettable experience for everyone. There are also spectacular indoor flower shows, surprising inspirational gardens, unique artworks and wonderful events. Wanna know everything about the tulips? Visit the Tulpomania exhibition in the Juliana Pavilion in the park.

01:15 PM Depart for your hotel

02:00 PM Arrival at your hotel


  • 6,5 hours x € 40         = € 260
  • 100 km x € 0,50         = € 50
  • Come & Go                 = € 40
  • Entry Flower Auction   = € 8 p.p.
  • Entry Keukenhof         = € 18 p.p.
  • Parking Keukenhof      = € 6

Price for 2 pax:           = €  426

Price for 4 pax:           = €  478

Price for 6 pax:           = €  530